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Good ad ops professionals can be hard to find, and harder to keep!  We provide a fully outsourced ad operations solution, providing you with access to staff who have the skillsets to deal with all your needs, from standard trafficking through to complex troubleshooting and technology issues.

The premise of our business is to take away the pain points in your operations function.

We support you as needed - either by providing the complete ad operations function, or supporting your existing team:

  • Campaigns to implement

  • Ad tech support needs

  • Overflow – too much work for the current team, but no capacity or full workload to hire extra staff.

  • Holiday and gap cover – while people are away or when you are between employees

Filling these gaps is the core service of HT. We provide experienced ad operations professionals to ensure the work is done on time and without errors.

Contact us for help with:

Publisher support:

  • Outsourced Ad Ops

  • Gap-fill trafficking

  • Campaign Management

  • Rich Media and third-party partner setup, testing and troubleshooting

  • Ad tech support

  • Discrepancy investigations

  • Creative testing

  • Tag testing and troubleshooting

  • Major event management

  • Programmatic setup, optimisation and reporting

Agency and client-side:

  • Setting up media plans in your ad server

  • Troubleshooting creative issues

  • End-to-end trafficking of your campaigns

  • Reporting

  • Programmatic campaign set up

  • Programmatic campaign optimisation

  • Sanity checking campaigns and ongoing training

For information regarding our Ad Operations service model please see here.